I fell back on the reserve tank when the gas ran out.

Interlingua's main source languages are Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French and English.

If you want to go there, I'm not going to try and stop you.

I come from a humble background.

I think we should buy a new house.

Please read and criticize my new book.

Is your religion relevant on Mars?

Wendy wanted to comfort Metin.

Kathleen had flu-like symptoms.

You don't want to ask Butler that question.

What's our goal?

Eric has begun to sing.

I don't enjoy studying because I don't make any progress.

Juan put the diary in the drawer.

They gave away the ending.

Who else do you miss?


To avoid injury or discomfort, be sure that the vagina is lubricated before intercourse.

Did they understand?

You don't have any idea where Sergio went, do you?

Srikanth is playing with his cat.

The problem is that Pia has no alibi for the night of the murder.

What are we afraid of?

Which house is his?

You shall have a new watch for your birthday.

This is somewhat personal.


The police aren't allowed to drink on duty.

She looks just like me.

Tolerant and Roxana both appear to be in a cheerful mood.

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Owen has done nothing but complain.

They met on a blind date.

The Italian language dies a little every time an anglophone orders "a panini".

A week from yesterday is when I last saw her.

Can you mail these letters for me?

The cost of the air fare is higher than of the rail fare.

Today is my day.

What a tall boy he is!

I thought it strange that the petition had been turned down.

Our escape was nothing short of miracle.

I really don't feel like talking.


We just saw him.

I want to go to America some day.

We are brother and sister.

Why in a million years would I want to do something like that?

How're you doing tonight?


He always takes notes.


When anyone tries to explain the inexplicable, he is getting ready to excuse the inexcusable.


No one else was in the room.

He is a physicist famous not only in Japan but all over the world.

He has so many calls on his time, it is very difficult to make an appointment to see him.

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Don't you see them?

The accident happened a year ago today.

Please think nothing of it.

Behind every animal on the Chinese zodiac lies an array of proverbs, sayings and stories.

There are starving children in Africa.

I received an eReader for Christmas.

Kieran is playing with your son.

I'm saying I never laid a hand on Liyuan.

What kind of bread are you eating?


I'm going to be ready in five minutes.

This is very easy.

Bjorne isn't about to admit he was wrong.

My favorite sport is soccer.

I simply don't trust Murat.

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I don't want us to be enemies.

Toss your gun on the ground.

You're much faster than I am.

You should investigate the fact from a medical viewpoint.

I wish this was my stuff.

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Space intends to visit Niels on Monday.


Do they live in Algeria?

She suspected that it was too late.

The longer you wait, the worse it's going to get.


Sedat sounds upset.


I've told Geoff all about you.


It is by this reason that he left school.


She sat still for fear of waking the baby.

The arrow pierced his armor.

He is trying to sing.

She understood me.

I hope to see you the next time you are in Tokyo.


I'm going to get you for this, Rafael.

I think this is the best part of the movie.

Please don't ask me about them.

He thinks it's safer to drive himself than to let me drive.

Vincenzo is the brightest student in the class.

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How long have you been Murray's supervisor?

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I turned the table upside down to fix it.

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Why are you clearing the garden?

You should know right off I'm not optimistic.

The dog sniffed the sick.

I am so tired that I can hardly walk.

Frederick Chopin created his first musical composition when he was seven.

He tried to keep dry as best he could.

Something extraordinary happened to me this morning.

Math is fun.

We watched TV for a while.

Is this the right way to the station?

Thank him for the help.

I think Cole is adaptable.

Teriann is troubled.

His name is known to all.

Ask the policeman.

Luck gradually smiled on me.

The moon circles the earth.

Kayvan's great.

Nicolo didn't know how he should answer.

We're not going to buy that car.

I will be very careful.

Nobles do not exist merely because there is a peerage system. Even if there were no peerage system, there will be people who are naturally dominant and who will quickly rise to nobility. So much for our nobility then. Why, we are mere peasants.

Lawrence is photogenic, isn't he?

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The number is engaged.

Thank you kindly.

She is bigger than I was at her age.

I'm going to take this to my office.

Ilya was very depressed.

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Where is my umbrella?

He is either in London or in Paris.

I've got better things to do than to keep track of what Konstantinos's doing.

Gale felt a headache coming on.

It was a mistake to get back together with you.


The boy has guts.


I'm going up to the bar for a drink, and I suggest you do the same.

Knut bowed.

That bar is one of his favorite haunts.

Did that work?

When do you work next?


It is our national conviction that politics is a dirty and dishonest pursuit.

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Saiid has been saying that for years.

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Are you from Kyoto?

I sat next to John.

Greg is a very busy person.

We're here for them.

Let's give it a shot, Woody.

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There is a small pond in our garden.

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I'm not as tall as he is.

We're still meeting tomorrow at 2:30 in my office, right?

Gunter should be prosecuted.

I'd like to speak to you for a moment.

Go back to bed.

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I think he regrets having divorced his wife.


We received an email with the news about Terri's death.

Elias ordered a pizza.

The Sun contains 99.8% of all of the mass in our solar system.

Benson didn't want to keep Kylo waiting.

How many years did the Hundred-Year War last?

As yet, everything has been going well.

I'm not overreacting.

They're painting the fence tomorrow.

Do you have time to have dinner with me tonight?

Trey looks hot.

Moses had a lot of good ideas.

I should be studying English, but I want to watch a movie.

Skeeter is one of the guys on my basketball team.

How far are we from Red Square?

When I got to school, the race had already finished.

There is nothing I can do about that.

The reason I prefer to go to Japan is that the people in Japan are hardworking and have honest personalities.

It was yesterday that I broke the window by mistake.

Don't disturb the others.


Victoria plays tennis after school almost every day.

Eileen asked me to tell you that.

Harrison's health grew worse.

I'd never hit a woman.

What did you ask them?


There isn't a book on the table.

I can't believe you're eating what the doctor told you not to eat.

Cats have a dread of water.